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Major Sewer and Water Works

Rightline is a Sydney Water approved Minor and Major Works Sewer Constructor. We are involved in the supply and installation of all sewer work including encasements, insitu-chamber construction, junction insertions, rising mains and pumping stations.


Rightline is a Sydney Water approved Major works Water Constructor. We are involved in the supply and installation of new main pipelines, upgrading and up sizing of existing mains, under pressure cut in connections including all engineering requirements for asset protection diversions.


Rightline is a Civil contracting Company who specialises in Civil infrastructure installations for the private and public sectors. These include bulk earthworks, and the complete construction of new residential or industrial subdivisions. At Rightline we are committed to the success of the company and employ a full Integrated Management System.


The IMS incorporates such aspects as Environmental awareness, Safety Management to Occupational Health standards and Quality Management to ISO 9001 2008. Rightline is a member of the Civil Contractors Federation and full training of employees is available though Civil Train when required.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling is used for installing infrastructure such as telecommunications, power cable conduits, water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, oil lines, product pipelines and environmental remediation casings.


It is used for crossing waterways, roadways, shore approaches, congested areas, environmentally sensitive areas, and areas where other methods are more costly. Its benefits over other techniques is to provide less traffic disruption, lower cost, deeper and/or longer installation, shorter completion times, directional steering capabilities, and environmental safety reducing the carbon footprint.

Case Boring

Case Boring is a technique for the bored installation of a casing pipe into the ground. Product pipe or final services are then installed within the casing pipe as required. It could be described as a Pipe jacking technique but with the casing pipe required as an integral part of the construction methodology.


The technique is normally found to be cheaper than full micro tunneling or pipe jacking. Cased bores are required in high trafficable areas where structural adequacy of the existing surfaces are to be maintained.

Civil Works

Rightline specialises in excavation practices for Sydney Water, Energy Australia and Integral Energy and leading ASP Contractors throughout NSW.


Rightline own and maintain a modern fleet of excavation equipment ranging in size from 1.5T - 30T excavators, backhoes and bobcats., tight access tippers from 2T - 32T, service trucks with cranes, semi-trailers and float vehicles.


A large range of machinery attachments are available ranging from, Augers, Rock Breakers, Rock Saws, Grapples, Compaction wheels and cable hauling winches. Rightline's experience and equipment enable us to complete projects including all restorations of existing surfaces and removal of all waste internally to ensure no delays occur on your project.

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