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Horizontal Directional Drilling

Rightline Infrastructure are the plumbing, civil and excavation experts of Sydney. We specialise in horizontal drilling or horizontal directional drilling. Equipped with the most modern tools and machineries, the company carries out precise directional drilling.


Directional drilling is meticulously used for installing infrastructure such as telecommunications and power cable conduits. Horizontal directional drilling is also used for installing water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, oil lines, product pipelines and other environmental remediation casings.


A quality assured ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Rightline Infrastructure has been steering horizontal directional drilling Sydney wide.


Incorporating trenchless technology like horizontal drilling in Sydney, the company boasts a portfolio of many diverse and successful projects.


Rightline Infrastructure holds expertise in horizontal drilling in Sydney since it commenced its operations in 1999. Directional drilling or horizontal directional drilling in Sydney is widely used for crossing waterways, roadways and shore approaches. Horizontal drilling or directional drilling in Sydney is also used for crossing congested areas, environmentally sensitive areas or areas where applicability of other methods lie compromised.


Horizontal directional drilling or horizontal drilling in Sydney supersedes other techniques due its multifarious benefits. Horizontal drilling in Sydney, proves to cause less traffic disruption. Directional drilling provides deeper and/or longer installation and is comparatively lower in cost.


Shorter completion time is another merit of horizontal directional drilling in Sydney. Horizontal drilling comprises directional steering capabilities, ensuring a controlled and safer method of drilling. Directional drilling methodology is also environmental preferred as it successfully reduces carbon footprints.


For more details on horizontal directional drilling, please contact one of our consultants on 02 4647 8947

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